Sick of Living With an Alcoholic Husband

wife of alcoholic husbandBeing sick of living with an alcoholic husband is not an isolated experience. As they say in Al-anon; “you are not alone.” The disease of alcoholism devastates many marriages. Couples that may have started off completely sober and with American dreams of owning the beautiful house with the white picket fence, the perfect children and outstanding carriers, find themselves miserable because of the affects of alcoholism in the family.

It’s not something that happened over night either. The devastating disease, slowly over time, hardens hearts and separates even the best of friends, spouses, brothers and sisters. In the Alcoholics Anonymous program’s readings, they refer to the disease as being cunning, baffling and powerful. It’s a subtle thing that happens as the problem drinker or drinkers progress toward drinking more on a daily basis.

This is the point that I really want you to understand, you did not get this way over night and there is no quick fix for the sick husband or family members who are constantly dealing with active alcoholism. It’s going to take a lot of time and effort to recover from the horrible affects of this type of addiction.

Even though we live in a society and time period where we seem to get instant gratification, learning to cope with a sick husband who drinks too much is going to take time. If your heart has become hard toward him, then the process of softening your attitude, emotions and perception of the situation is going to take a while.

Please don’t despair though because with effort and patients you will be able to love the alcoholic unconditionally again. This may sound like a difficult thing to do because you are so sick of living with an alcoholic husband that you are just ready to cut the cord and start over. Many people have the same attitude when they first begin to seek out help. This is called hitting your bottom. It’s a tough place to be, but it is the beginning of you seeking out help. Even though there is a level of embarrassment to deal with, you must get help.

Now, get the help that you need by finding a support group locally. There are thousands of people in every medium to large sized city who are dealing with active alcoholism just like you. Once you get involved with others who are suffering from the affects of alcoholism, you will discover that there are many spouses who have lived with husbands who have drinking problems for decades. As you continue in a program, these women will become the strength you need to help you learn how to live with your alcoholic spouse. If you are totally sick of living with an alcoholic husband, get the help you need today by finding a support group. This could be the very thing that saves your marriage from having a tragic ending. Remember the vows you made to love your spouse forever, now your going to have to learn how to love them the way they are… not they way you wanted them to be.

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