Alternative Recovery Programs Like AA

Although the king who rules over people getting sober is Alcoholics Anonymous, there are alternative organizations that provide free recovery group programs like AA. Many of the local churches in our area have developed their own support group meetings that are based on Christian addiction recovery principles. Some have implemented the structure in such a way that men and women can actually enter into a rehabilitation center.

Several of the non-profit organizations in our area will allow the person who is addicted to alcohol or drugs to enter the homes for free. After they spend a certain amount of time building a firm foundation by staying clean and sober, they are then required to begin paying rent.

In addition to Christ based programs there are many privately held recovery organizations that are not free which offer an alternative to programs like AA. Licensed psychiatrists who begin individual practices oftentimes will organize group meetings and charge a minimal fee (per individual) for men or women struggling with addictions to participate.

In both instances these types of programs are generally still based upon the foundation that an addict’s life has become powerless over alcohol or drugs and unmanageable. Because AA has such a great track record, alternative recovery meetings get structured using many of the same foundational principles, steps and slogans that one would find in the Alcoholics Anonymous program.

Many Christians get hung up on the principles that are taught in AA that state once you are an alcoholic, you will always be an alcoholic. This doesn’t mean that a person will never be able to stay sober, but it recognizes alcoholism as a disease that was inherited and is forever in your genes. Christ based programs believe that when Jesus sets a person free from an addiction then they are free from it. This is based on a scripture that says if anyone be in Christ he is a new creation. They also have a problem with using the term “higher power” rather than saying God.

The fastest way to locate local rehabilitation programs is by looking in the yellow pages or searching the Internet. I would even call a few local churches and ask them if they know of any good recovery program alternatives to AA.

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